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181/11 Avenue du Domaine
Forest, Bruxelles, 1190



Comempower © | Comprehensive Empowerment | Michel Rozenberg | Executive Coaching | Certified DiSC Trainer | Strategic Selling | Emotional Intelligence

Founded in 2005 by Michel Rozenberg, Comprehensive Empowerment arose from over 22 years commercial and leadership experience and observation of Leaders, Sales People, Marketeers, Business Developers, Purchasers, Human Resources Employees and Trainers.

Repetitive findings led to trying the rethink the way people understood, remembered, assimilated and used new competences, in particular soft skills.

Relying on his engineering background, he created a structured, logical and differentiated approach to selling, negotiating, personal efficiency management, interpersonal communication...

Hundreds of animations and facilitations later, in dutch, french and english, in Belgium and abroad (France, Holland Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Austria, China, United States...), after having coached various individuals and groups and advised companies, Michel Rozenberg keeps developing new material, multiplies partnerships and certifications and does not miss any opportunity to add topics to continuously improve and broaden his list of services.

Certifications and certifications of attendance

  • Situational Leadership through Mailleux & Associates
  • Certified DiSC Trainer
  • Emotional Intelligence (Goleman)
  • Reasonable Negotiation
  • Strategic Selling

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