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181/11 Avenue du Domaine
Forest, Bruxelles, 1190


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6:30 PM18:30

Animation : manipulations, raccourcis de l'esprit et décisions rationnelles

Trouver son chemin dans une société où les autres veulent continuellement nous faire faire des choses que nous ne ferions pas spontanément, constitue un défi permanent. Comment faire la différence entre ce qui est bienveillant et ce qui ne l’est pas, entre ce qui nous est bénéfique et ce qui nous nuit, entre ce qui améliore les situations et ce qui les aggrave ? Et nous, les êtres humains, nous sommes soumis en permanence à des raccourcis de l’esprit qui contribuent à nous faire faire des choix erronés et à générer des actions inappropriées. Comment dès lors, pouvons-nous encore, en tant que leader, prendre les bonnes décisions ?

Luxembourg, mardi 31 mars de 18h30 à 20h30 suivi d'un drink

Lieu : Auberge de jeunesse de Luxembourg Ville - salle "conférence 2" au 1er étage

Adresse : 2 rue du Fort Olisy - 2261 Luxembourg  

Inscription :

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to Feb 27


We influence and are influenced everyday by people surrounding us, people we see frequently and we run into, at work and in private. But do we make the distinction between what is benevolent and what is not? Between what generates benefits for us and what doesn't? Between what makes other people better off and what makes them worse off? 

Would you like to building & improving Influencing Skills in order to better persuade others and to avoid being manipulated?

  • Diagnosing how others lead/manage/convince me
  • Responding assertively to harmful influences
  • Distinguishing the different types of manipulations
  • Understanding the six basic principles of influence
  • Learning different influence strategies


This workshop is for you!


February 26 and 27, 2015 at Transforma Bxl, avenue du Perou, 1000 Brussels.         790€ + TVA for the two days workshop, participant workbook, self-diagnosis, coffee breaks, lunches. 

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6:00 PM18:00

Leading in a VUCA World with Anne Delvaux

Dear Leader, 

MGA-Conway has the pleasure to invite you to our After Work Event. A unique opportunity to "Learn & Connect".

Volatility + Uncertainty + Complexity + Ambiguity =Everyday's navigation for leaders.

How to become better than others?Program: (the Event will be French speaking)

  • 18:00 Welcome at the Château Cheneau
  • 18:30 Introduction VUCA - Guy Vandenberge
  • 18:45 Leading in a VUCA World, Anne Delvaux
    • Learning from Politics
    • Learning from Communication
    • Learning from Coaching
  • 20:00 Q&A,...
  • 20:15 Cocktail

Why you should attend ?

If you want / need to improve your business to become better as a matter of survival, this After Work Event is for you. From previous participants: "A must attend !"

This event is Free of Charge.




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