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181/11 Avenue du Domaine
Forest, Bruxelles, 1190


Our methodology

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Our activity relies on certains VALUES we would like to share, to make live and to live: 

  • Benevolence: we are present in the first place for others 
  • Confidentiallity: what is shared remains between us except if clearly asked
  • Ethics: we do things directly and with the "conscient" and "free" agreement of all parties
  • Cooperation: we build together
  • Modesty: we don't know everything, we are in a continious process of learning and improving ourselves 

This is the sequence we use in facilitation and in coaching. This approach respects our philosophy: "Keep intuition and Instinct, Add structure and strategy". We start from the principle participants know without always knowing they know. We propose a structured and strategic process so they know at each moment where they are in their situation and which tools, models, techniques they have at their disposal. 

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